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Good coffee isn’t something that is created in your cup – it is the result of a long process that begins with the people who grow the coffee. This is why, for a number of years already, sustainability has played such an important role in all that we do, whether through long-term partnerships with suppliers or the UTZ certification of our coffee varieties. Now we are ready to take the next step: since the start of 2016, we have been working with local partners to support the “La Laguna“ project in Honduras. “La Laguna” is really all about the 300 coffee growers who we are cooperating with directly – they are the true stars of this project.
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La Laguna, Honduras

Welcome to La Laguna, a small village in the north-west of Honduras. In terms of quality, the Latin American country is able to compete with the world’s biggest coffee-producing countries. The country’s speciality is traditional washed Arabica coffee, which is also drunk by the natives at home or in one of the growing number of coffee bars.
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The people of La Laguna

The residents of La Laguna are friendly people with a great sense of community, always ready to pitch in whenever a friend needs help. Some will tell you how their ancestors worked together to build their village over a century ago. In fact, there is a fascinating life story behind every smiling face here. What unites them above all is their love for their home – and in particular, their coffee.
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To be continued...

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