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Compatible capsules for Nespresso®*

Café Royal Classic for the Nespresso®* system.

Enjoy classic varieties of coffee.

The Café Royal Classic are classic coffee specialities like Lungo and Espresso. Each coffee in our coffee capsules has its own unique and harmonious flavour profile. They vary in terms of their acidity, sweetness and bitterness and their composition of fruity, floral, nutty and roasted aromas. 

Depending on your flavour preference and desired intensity, choose from various Café Royal Classic. Enjoy the Café Royal Lungo either medium-strong Lungo Classico or a strong Lungo Forte. The Café Royal Espresso is available as medium-strong Espresso and strong Espresso Forte

The Café Royal Decaffeinato is a decaffeinated espresso. The Doppio Espresso is the most intense Café Royal Classic.

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