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5 Tips for Healthy Coffee

Health up your coffee

Coffee in itself is healthy. However, only admittedly in its purest form. If you like mixing up your coffee now and then, you rarely can do without the syrups though – right? Our 5 tips prove that good taste and a healthy lifestyle don’t have to contradict each other.


 1. It is possible without sugar

It’s no secret: too much sugar is bad for you. Obesity, headaches and tiredness are just some of its consequences. This is why our tip is as simple as it is clever: just cut out the sugar. Black coffee has been proven to have a positive effect on our cardiovascular system and can alleviate headaches.

But what about when unsweetened is just not a valid option? Then you’re sure to find the alternative for you somewhere in the range of alternative sweeteners currently on offer. Natural products such as agave syrup, stevia, honey, maple syrup or coconut blossom sugar barely influence our blood sugar levels at all and are even more intense than sugar when it comes to taste. Smaller amounts are often enough to reach the desired level of sweetness.

2. Drink it ‘cold brewed’

Iced coffees have long since become a key fixture on our supermarket shelves. One variant, which is not just tasty but also gentle on the stomach, is the increasingly popular ‘cold brew‘ coffee. As the name suggests: the ground coffee is mixed with cold – or to be exact, room-temperature – water and, after a few hours of infusion, ready for consumption. This special method of brewing has a particular advantage: fewer bitter and acidic compounds are released than during the traditional method with hot water. This is easier on the stomach and still tastes delicious.


3. Less is more

Too much milk can quickly send the calorie count of your coffee skyrocketing. And this is before we even mention syrups and toppings. Even die-hard sweet tooths should ask themselves now and again: do I really need marshmallows on top of the cream in my hazelnut mocha latte? In any case, you can only properly taste the complex, natural fruity, sweet or bitter notes of the coffee when you’ve first put the artificial additives to one side. For those who are still holding out on black coffee, the following is true: less is more. Sure, treat yourself. But don’t treat yourself to everything all at once, and all in one cup. For athletes and those people who aren’t afraid to experiment, bulletproof coffee offers a healthy alternative.

4. Try some Natural Toppings

Cinnamon is purported to have so many good qualities that it definitely doesn’t just belong on our plates at Christmas time. Not to mention in our cups. The spice is supposed to lower your blood sugar levels and reduce feelings of hunger. Put a pinch of this in your coffee and declare war on hunger pangs.

Another superweapon? Cocoa. It doesn’t just go wonderfully together with coffee. It’s also a true booster for body and mind. Cocoa is supposed to increase your attention span and reduce the anxiety that can occur from drinking too much coffee. In sum: the positive effects of caffeine are enhanced and the side-effects weakened.

5. Pay Attention to Good Quality

For high-quality coffee, strict criteria must be kept to throughout its entire journey – from cultivation to preparation. For it is only then that the product is free of pollutants and is able to win you over with its taste. A gentle roasting is essential for its palatability. In professional processes, the roasting time and temperature determine the flavours and acidity of the resulting coffee. When buying your coffee, you should thus pay attention to the production process behind it, in order to avoid stomach pains.